Week of intense learning

It is Thursday and I’m more relieved than I’ve been in a week or so. Intensely studying from morning to night for several days straight to learn study material for three tests, I feel like I can relax again.

Even though reading handbooks and manuals is draining, I find great joy in that what I read have direct application to what I do practically. In so many cases one can read and never have a real physical experience or interaction with the material being read. In so many cases I have forgotten what I just glanced over with my eyes, never to be recalled again in my memory. I almost feel like I have wasted that piece of literature if that text immediately falls into my mind’s oblivion.

In the field of my study, however, I feel that I can remember the reading better because I get to work with it practically. The words leave their theoretical state and become reality. It is as if I now have a relationship to what I read because I now have personally interacted with it. It is now a part of me because I invested in it. I’m not sure where I’m going with this thought, but somehow I think that regarding learning in this manner can help me to study. It also helps me look back to a week like this one and say that I remember what I learned. Once I have interacted with the theory of a subject practically, I now can remember it till next time I encounter the same subject.

I might be saying some obvious stuff here that is common knowledge to everyone, but after that my brain turned to mush and want nothing else than to climb a mountain right now I can still look back and say that I treasure the times I get to learn about things in a practical way.


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