This summer I was blessed by that some people bought me tickets to travel to Sweden and back from Spokane WA. Traveling between continents has always been part of my life from very early on. The first intercontinental trip I did was when I was one year old when my whole family moved to Nepal. We moved and traveled back and forth between Sweden and Nepal a couple times and settled back in Sweden again when I was 10. Now in my 20’s, traveling and trying to settle down at least for the time being has become a part of daily life.

Something that always strikes me when I travel between places I live or have lived more permanently is that I can never decide where I actually belong. I am not sure what place I will call home. Nepal is the place where I have my first memories and shaped me from the very start. Sweden is where I have my ethnic and most of my cultural background. This is also where I belong on paper. USA is where I live right now and where I invest a great portion of me right now. In some areas I even speak better English than Swedish which will make me more ample for a career outside Sweden. Is home where I would like to settle down? Is home where I always feel welcome? Is home where I feel like I have a purpose? Or is home where I feel comfortable? There is no clear answer.

If I would have to give an answer, I would say that Nepal was my first home but it is no longer that way. I have a different relationship to it now than when I was a kid. USA is my temporary home since it is where I live and invest most of my life right now. I say this because I am an alien in that country and culture. Sweden will always be the place I return to. It is like my base, the oasis where I come and rest for a while. I have noticed though that I like to visit Sweden, but I lack a sense of purpose when I have stayed there for too long. Therefore, to not grow lazy, complacent and limb, I seek to head out across the oceans and over the mountains.

Perhaps then it is in this state of life I am at home. Maybe I am discovering that my home is not a place, an address or a location. It seems rather to be in the state I am in which I seek to follow Jesus. Ultimately He will one day take me home to heaven where He has prepared a place for His children. So therefore I am reminded by my travels that my permanent home is not found on this earth. The future is still untold for me, so perhaps there will be a time when I settle down in a house for a longer period of time, but for now it is a time when I venture out from home base to where the Holy Spirit calls.


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