It has been a while since I wrote something new. I only managed to finish one post last month, but hopefully there will be some more soon. I have been working on some drafts but they are unfortunately not quite ready yet. In the meantime I thought I could write that I am traveling back to Spokane this week. I have had a great time in Sweden seeing family, friends and even having the privilege of getting to know some new folks. Even though it feels like I could have stayed for another couple of weeks I think it is a good time o leave now ending the stay with very positive memories.

The trip has been good so far. I met some cousins and relatives in Stockholm before heading to the airport. I haven’t met some of them in a couple of years, so it was nice to catch up with them a little and show that I’m still alive outside of Facebook.
While taking off from Stockholm I took a time lapse shot out the window with the wingtip as a foreground. It looked pretty cool and I meant to upload it here on the blog but the file was not accepted.
One very positive surprise transferring flights in Amsterdam was the electronic scanning of EU passports. That way there was no need to stand in line in order to fly to London.
And yes, Heathrow London: here I am. I would have been a little more excited if I actually got to step outside the airport and see some of England while I’m here. The Dutch lady beside me in the flight offered me a ride to downtown London, but I was not sure when my connecting flight was to departure, so I did not want to risk missing it. It turned out that I may have had enough time to grab a plate of authentic fish and chips and make it to the gate in time. It may had been worth it because me and my siblings have an inside competition of who has visited the most countries. Airports do not count, but a selfie with Big Ben would. I guess I’ll just have to leave England for another time. Seeing it from another perspective, now I had the time to write this post.

I do however have mixed feelings about traveling between the States and Sweden. In a way it feels like I’m traveling between two homes. I explained some of this dilemma in a previous post, but I also like to be on the move. Every trip is different and more frequently these past couple of years, I have met some interesting people and we have had some interesting conversations. Hopefully the flight to Seattle will give some good opportunities to meet some new people


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