Summer of ’15 part 3

The missionary kid camp I was talking about in the previous posts in this little series turned out to be a great encouragement. Not only was it a place where I got to hang out with a bunch of misfits like myself, but I will remember it also as a time when God cleared up many of my doubts and fears. Although knowing that I will be faced by these fears again, I left that camp with a renewed spirit and faith that God was still wanting me to pursue aviation and missions. I figured that since I haven’t actually failed yet, there is no reason to quit. If I fail I want to be assured that i did everything I could have done to succeed. Only then would I be all right with accepting defeat.

There was still one big uncertainty that I was still concerned about. One of the cons for a Swede to study in the US is that now college actually costs a lot of money. As of this semester I am now in debt and I am not completely sure how this money will be provided. This summer I checked the exchange rates between the Swedish currency SEK and the american dollar and noticed that the dollar was about 20% more expensive than it was the year before. That means that for every 5 dollars I use, I pay one extra dollar. Coming home from the camp I dared to believe that God would take me through this although I didn’t know how.

A couple of days later I heard that a father of a family that came and vised some friends of mine wanted to meet up with me. I have met him a couple times before but we have never intentionally sought each other out like this. He wanted to talk about my studies, dreams and calling withing missionary aviation and we spoke very openly about my current situation. Among many other things we talked about, he asked me if I had any pressing needs right now. Along with some other things I expressed the need for finances. The conversation we had was very encouraging and this man of God gave me some solid advice that I have incorporated into my life. Toward the end of our meeting we prayed and he said to keep him updated on my financial situation. I was actually pretty taken by that he said this and understood in that moment that perhaps God will cross my path with some that are willing to support me financially.

I am currently nowhere close to being able to pay off the money needed for school yet. I think that if God wants me to fly airplanes for His name’s sake He will bring me there even though for this moment in time my situation looks pretty grim. It would be unreasonable to quit the program now because I don’t think God has had the final word yet. If He wants to He will provide the finances. This is a very big exercise in faith for me because I honestly do not know how this will work out. It is however not my job to figure everything out. What I am to do is to walk where God leads and He will provide the rest, wherever that may lead me. In the meantime I will pray that He will bless me with the means to complete school and settle my debt. I have also taken a part time job to get some extra income in order to do what I can to reach my goal.

I didn’t have a very good picture to fit this theme, so I chose this photo of a bi-plane that lives in another hangar at the same airport where I go to school. It is a very old model and the skin is made out of fabric. A magnificent piece of craftsmanship.


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