Airframe completion!

As of this last Thursday, I have officially completed the curriculum for aircraft airframe mechanics! All courses and subject areas within this airframe section including hydraulic systems, electrical systems, sheet metal etc is finally completed with all class hours, tests and projects. This means that I now can go to an FAA (federal aviation administration) test facility to do my certificate exams.

Here follows a brief explanation and summary of the exams that lies ahead to attain an airframe certificate: 

Basically six tests need to get done: General and airframe written tests (2 total), general and airframe oral tests (2 total) and general and airframe written tests (2 total). All oral and practical tests will be taken on the same day of December 16 this winter. I will hopefully be able to wire the airframe written test within the next week or so. The good news is that I passed the written general test last Friday which is a big relief for me.

So, with all these major exams coming up, please hold me in your prayers for diligence, focus and good preparation in order to know what I need to earn an aircraft mechanic’s certificate.

You might then wonder what I’ll be doing for the rest of the semester since I’ve completed all the course work for airframe. Well, the next part of a complete “A&P” (Airframe and Powerplant) certificate is the powerplant portion. Starting today we will study different types of engines and propellers. I am pretty excited about this because I do not have great knowledge about engines yet. I’m looking forward to learning all about these machines all through this semester and until this upcoming summer. At the end of the academic year there will be a new set of written, oral and practical tests waiting for me, but that is looking way ahead.

I hope this will give some more insight in what lies ahead for me and I hope that you will revisit this blog soon as things are coming together more and more. I hope to write soon again to update you on how training is going in the pursuit of serving Christ Jesus in mission aviation.


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