The countdown has begun

Finally I can announce that an official date has been scheduled for me to be examined as an Aircraft Airframe Technician. The date to save is December 16, so if you will, please remember to pray for me as I prepare for this exam. It is less than a month to that date, so as the days start ticking away I hope that I will be able to prepare enough to pass on the first try.

It has been difficult to come up with the motivation to study in a disciplined way for the airframe oral and practical exam, but now when the date is set and I have a definite deadline I feel more motivated than ever. There are of course other things I need to get done writhing this time frame, so unfortunately I must prioritize other things in the meantime also. This includes finishing our currently running class in reciprocating engines as well as a theology class that is required as part of Moody’s aviation curriculum. Hopefully the theology class and all papers associated with it will be done within a couple of days to free up some more time.

If you were wondering why I haven’t taken my airframe written exam yet, the easy explanation is that I needed a US identification card with my current address on it to take the test which I did not have until this day. I have been working on this for much longer than I anticipated it to take, but I did my driver’s test today and am not licensed to drive in America. As a student I am supposedly allowed to drive on my European license as long as I haven’t been in the country for more than six months. So nothing has changed except that I don’t need to make the 6 hour round trip to Canada and back to stay licensed and that my address is now on the card so that I can be tested for an airframe technician. 

So, in conclusion, praise the Lord that I passed the driver’s test and pray that this month until December 16 will be a good time of preparation for the oral and practical exam. I have also been sick the last week, so please pray that my health will be restored. Thanks 

The picture above is from an aircraft maintenance manual describing the hydraulic system on an aircraft. This is one of the things I’ll be reviewing this upcoming month.


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