Soccer night!

So I know I haven’t posted much lately. Life has been a bit rough with school and with other things going on, so I haven’t spent much time writing new posts. I’m hoping to get on it again soon though. Here is a little story from a few weeks back that was a bit unexpected and funny. It is sometimes these little things that makes life interesting to live.

One Saturday a few weeks ago now, I was sitting on a university campus reading about how alternators and electric motors work. I had planned to interrupt my reading if some guys would start playing some soccer on the field outside. My soccer shoes were in my car and I already had my extra layer underneath to accomodate some warmth in the potentially cold January rain. 

As I was reading, a friend of mine I know from playing soccer pick-up games texted me. He was wondering if I wanted to play some indoor soccer that evening. I knew this would be a game of more competitive nature which actually fit me pretty well. I worked around my plans for the evening and eventually I was getting ready to leave to play some good soccer. I was supposed to bring a light colored shirt and a black one so that we could counter match the colors of the other team. I was debating whether I should bring my Swedish jersey with the design of the official national team shirt of the European cup in 2004 or the orange jersey that I found in a flea market last summer that is a shirt from my old club team I used to play for as a teenager. National heritage versus nostalgia. I chose the blue and yellow Swedish jersey because it matched my socks better…

As I stepped inside the soccer facility a game of soccer was in full progress. This place is pretty cool. There are quite a few indoor leagues for both club teams and also recreational teams that are played here pretty much every day. I am mostly familiar with the place because I normally play with a team from school here once our season starts. The game that was going on was with a bunch of girls in the ages of like 10-12. I didn’t pay too much attention to them but found my friend who was warming up. After greeting him and the others who were there he announced that we might not have any substitutes for the game. I personally prefer to play that was because I feel a bit bad after a game when I have forgotten to step off the entire game when others are taking turns at the sideline. So I was happy.

The game before us ended and as the players of the previous game exited the field we came on. The referee collected our player cards that we needed to be allowed to play and since I hadn’t purchased mine yet I went to the little store right at the field to get one. As I was making my way past the crowd of soccer kids one little girl pointed towards me and said: “I like your shirt!”

“Yeah?” I said quite surprised that someone seemed to recognize my Swedish colors. “Do you know where it is from?”

“Yes, it is Sweden!”

“How do you know that?”

“I was born there”

“Really? Which town?”


“Cool, my brother lives in that city”

At this time the girl’s dad had seen us conversing and said with a loud voice from a distance: “Hey, are you Swedish? …eller snackar du svenska?” (last part in Swedish: …or do you speak Swedish?)

“Javisst gör jag det (Yes I do),” I replied now with an even more surprised face than before.

“Nä, skämtar du? Det var som fan! (No, are you kidding? …and some friendly Swedish swearing…)”

So we talked for a while until I had to get on the field to play my game. It was a very unexpected encounter and very random, but it is some of those that contribute in making life more interesting and funny. I had for some time been wondering if I would ever bump into a swede here in Spokane some day and all of a sudden, there were a couple swedes at a random soccer game. Except for my dad, these were the first people from my country that I met over here.

I have really learned to enjoy life many times because things seem to just fall into your path now and then. When it happens, there is not much better things you can do than to enjoy it for what it is. These are instances that are good to be reminded of when things do not always work out the way you wish or when things seem to consume your life and time. There is usually still room to smile at these small good instances one gets blessed with from time to time.


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