This Spring

I hinted at in my last post that these are some busy times. You may have wondered what I’m up to this past month. There has been a lot going on in life in general, but I will briefly describe what is going on concerning my training.

This winter marked the half-way point of my education here at Moody Aviation. With the airframe mechanics certificate secure in December, the focus of study this spring is Powerplant mechanics. This section revolves around everything that generates power to an aircraft and all sub-systems that is linked to those components. So far this semester we have studied engine cooling, air induction, exhaust, electrical systems, lubrication and we are currently studying engine instruments. Below is picture below shows a driving device that engages the starter motor to the engine. Our instructions were to disassemble it, figure out how it works, put it pack together and explain it to an instructor.

Starting every new semester, new changes and adjustments must follow. This will be the heaviest semester so far when it comes to college credits that I will take. 12 credit hours is considered full time study and now the load has peaked at 23, so these few months will be very busy. Now you may think why I’m insane enough to do that to myself, but it is actually not by my own choice I do this. I am simply following the optimal enrollment schedule in order for me to graduate in a total of five years of study. It would be nice to finish within that time so that I wouldn’t need to go through the process of applying for another studen visa. Besides, most of my classmates are doing the same thing as I even though they do not have and visa issues to take care of.

With so many credits and only seven days a week, free time is more limited than before. I will probably write a post sometime what a normal day might look like for an aviation student, but I’ll save that for some other time. Unfortunately time does not often permit me to go hiking or being outdoors much. I had to find another way to unwind and found that a good way to do so is going with a good friend to the local gym to sweat in the sauna for a while. Not quite the same experience as being out in nature, but it sure does help to recharge.

School is of course not just hard and really busy. This last week me and my classmates were instructed on how to run aircraft piston engines. The school has five engine stands that we practice engine operation, run-ups and tests on. It is really cool to stand behind them when they are fired up and feel the immense power those machines produce. There will be much more of this in a few weeks!

A friend of mine who studies at the main campus (as opposed to the hangar campus where I spend my days) came out to the hangar the other day and shared my lunch break with me. Being fascinated with aircrafts himself he told me how blessed I am to have the hangar as my classroom. My friend was absolutely right in what he said. It was indeed a good reminder, because sometimes I forget how much rather I would do this than something strictly academic. The stress can take the upper hand sometimes and I forget that I am living my dream. I guess I am also incredibly blessed with people near and far to remind me what a life I’ve been given!


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