Spring break: A new stack of books

It is officially spring break for the main campus of Moody Bible Institute. The days have become warmer and longer with increased sunshine, the river runs higher and wilder with all the snow melting in the mountains and flowers start popping up from the ground as you can hear more and more birds singing from the trees. It is spring and our spirits are all lifted.

My best friend here is Spokane left today to spend the week in California. I am currently sitting at the fireplace with coals glowing and just finished sipping the cup of coffee that my friend made me before he left. Indeed, there can never be enough moments in life of sitting at a fire. This would be an awesome way to start spring break one would think. Granted that it is an awesome way to start a new day, but a real spring break is a luxury that I once could enjoy in the past. It simply doesn’t come my way any more.

Yesterday was Friday. A small milestone in my life in a way. My entire class left the maintenance hangar after lunch and headed down towards the other end of the airstrip to Moody Aviation’s flight hangar where they facilitate advanced training in flight and maintenance: it was the first day of ground school for flight. As I stepped in I was formally introduced to a couple of the flight instructors and received an acceptance letter to start flight training in the summer. Even though it was expected, I was thrilled to receive it and realized that learning to fly and get up in the sky is just around the corner.

Before we can fly properly, though, there is a lot of knowledge that one must attain. This is not knowledge about the aircraft alone, but also involves areas such as navigation, flight planning and basic meteorology. As you then could guess, we celebrated a late Christmas yesterday when we received eight brand new books that we will start going through beginning now. Homework due this upcoming week was assigned and I got a feeling that there will be even less free time the rest of this spring. There is definitely a mix of excitement and intimidation of this new endeavor. However, people have done it in the past and it is definitely not impossible. A part of me is glad that it is so intense. I rather learn this as thoroughly as I can while I am in school. I didn’t come here either to breeze through school, but I did come to be challenged. So I am in the right place for it now.

I really hope I can get done with a lot of homework this weekend. Easter is coming up and we get Good Friday off. Our director was gracious to us this year and actually arranged so that we also get the Monday off also! This means that we do get a four day weekend which after all is really nice. I was planning on going on a longer hiking trip over a few days then, but now it all depends on if I feel that I need that time to study. I hope to have the discipline this week to sacrifice my free time so that I can relax out on the trail for a few days. We will see how it goes, but I would really love to get out there again. If I do I will probable write something about it in a couple weeks.


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