Summer, test prep and WW:II warbirds…

Some of the real summer heat has stuck us pretty hard this weekend and for a Swede who is used to mild weather it has been a bit of a challenge to adapt to the climate. It is already June and I only have a couple more weeks of school for this semester. There are only one final left for classes  this semester and it feels a bit unreal that the two years of mechanic’s school is almost over.

This weekend was out of the ordinary at the Felt’s Field airport! Neighbor Day was hosted where a lot of old, vintage and historic aircraft show up for the public to see. The event is public, free of admission and provides a day for local businesses, organisations and aircraft owners to promote their passions for flight. Moody Aviation had some of their fleet out and could get the word out to visitors about their mission to educate and train pilots and mechanics for ministry.

I took advantage of the day to take a closer look and the old school bi-planes. I hope to some day ride along in one of them to see how it is to fly in an open cockpit. They are truly fascinating airplanes as the structure of the bodies and wings are made out of wood and the surfaces are made out of painted fabric.

Another exciting feature that day was the american WW2 war birds that were there for the day. The larger of the two is a B-25 bomber which was used in the Doolittle raid against the Japanese mainland in 1942. If you have seen the move Pearl Harbor which portrays this raid, this was the type of bomber they used.


The other WW2 aircraft at the exhibition was the notorious P-51 Mustang which was a fighter aircraft and heavily influenced the war. As a history enthusiast (and on more later years also an aviation enthusiast) it was a very unique opportunity to see this one fly.

As I was watching both of these machines of destruction fly overhead I tried to imagine the noise and the scenery of how it would have looked in those days of war when hundreds, if not even thousands, of aircraft like these covered the sky to desolate their enemies. It is hard to imagine that that actually was reality not too long ago…

How awful and horrendous a war may be, out of the group of pilots who learned to fly in WW2 later started pioneering as missionary pilots and it is after all by the legacy that they left that I am now training to fly. Good thing for me is that I am not being trained to take life, but rather to give life. I’ll write a post at a later date about this topic because I feel that I am being carried away here. Anyways, it was a great day to take some hours off and just enjoy the art of flight for a while.

Before I can properly rest for summer break I still have one big challenge to conquer. Just like for the Airframe portion of being a flight mechanic I need to test for the Powerplant portion. This test is randomly generated and can cover anything that I have studied since November last year. I passed the Airframe test on my first try and hopefully I will be able to repeat such a feat. The test will take place on Wednesday the 22nd of June, so please be with me in your prayers that day and in my preparations for it. Perhaps needless to say, there will be a lot of hard work to get ready for this exam which involves a written, practical and oral portion. However, once this test is passed I will be a fully certified aircraft mechanic!

I hope you enjoyed reading and stay tuned for more updates on this journey!



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