More test prep, mishaps and Swedish soccer fans…

It has been an eventful week. Each day for a couple weeks now my days have been very monotone. I get up in the morning to pray and eat breakfast. Headed off to school from 8 am to 4 pm. At about 5 pm I am headed to Starbucks to study until they close two hours later. It is pretty much the only place nearby that is a nice place to go that is away from home. It has been easier to concentrate there and the walks back and forth provide good study breaks. At 8 pm I am at my desk in my bedroom trying to get another couple hours of effective studying in. All this in a combined effort to finish all projects and class homework that was due this Friday. In addition to that I study for the written, oral and practical exam that I hope to pass this upcoming week.

All the intense studying has taken its toll on me though. I noticed about half way through this week that my mind wasn’t quite as alert as it usually is. It was surely a mistake not to take some time off last weekend to just relax and do something else. I feel like I have been doing quite well with taking a day off now and then throughout this semester and not to think about school. However, now when I had to level up the intensity of studying I thought I could just push through. I see now that it was not the smartest thing. But today is Friday and I have passed all my assignments that were due.

As some of you may or may not be aware of is that the European championship in soccer is held in France. The first game took place last week and I was very excited hopefully see Sweden perform well in the tournament. A little bummed that I had school Monday morning and would therefore miss the first game Sweden played I understood that perhaps I could do the best of the situation and listen to the game on radio. However, Sunday afternoon the day before the game I got a text from a local, unknown number in Swedish: “Come to Swinging Doors (a local sports bar) tomorrow. Sweden is playing Ireland. Game starts at 9. Wear Sweden-clothes.” Not knowing who this was and how to respond I ended up taking some hours off from school and drove to Swinging Doors in my Swedish soccer jersey to find out who had texted me and how this person had my number. If anything I would perhaps have the opportunity to meet some Swedes in Spokane. As I walked in through the bar doors I immediately recognized the guy I had met way back a few months ago when playing soccer. (You can read about his event in “Soccer Night” if you scroll down in the post archives.) It was awesome finally meeting up with this guy again. One of his friends, also Swedish, joined up so that we had a little fan crew shouting at the screen we were watching. The one thing I really love perhaps the most about soccer is the countless connections with people you can find through it. It surely brings people together and a fun thing to gather around. We ended up seeing the game between Sweden and Italy later in the week and I am very glad I have found some Swedish dudes to hang out with.

The same swedes invited me to celebrate an early midsummer with them last Saturday. It was a great opportunity to meet some more swedes of course and to have some classic Swedish potatoes with pickled herring. I made myself ready and headed out with my car to the location of the celebration. My car is old and not in the best of shape so I had gotten used to all the weird noises and vibrations that we’re going on in it over the months. As I entered the freeway and accelerated to over 50 mph I noticed that the vibrations became more and more violent and I thought this could not be good. A few seconds later I feel the car jerk, I hear a loud boom and black pieces of rubber flying in all directions outside my window. I pull over and feel the rim of one of my wheels scrape the ground as I slowed down. The tire was shredded to pieces. Fortunately I didn’t have anyone behind me and no one got hurt. I was a bit pleased with how calmly I handled the situation even though it was a big bummer that my tire and rim are trashed and I missed the midsummer party. It turned out that my jack did not work well on the car and when a friend dropped of another one we noticed that the spare wheel was deflated. So we drove with his car to a gas station to full the tire up, installed it on my car and finally could drive safely home. Always interesting with new experiences. Conveniently enough I only had a week left on the insurance to I think I got the most out of my money there.

Later that same day my parents and sister arrived for their visit here in Spokane! Really awesome to have them here to see my life a little bit. We took some time to relax which I really needed anyway before the upcoming tests this week. It has been fun to show them around and introducing them to people I have gotten close to here over the years. It has been a little strange having them here and still being busy studying for big tests coming up. However, it looks like it is working out well. I passed my written exam for Powerplant mechanics with a 93% which boosts my confidence towards the oral and practical test this Thursday. Hopefully I will be ready for any assignment that is required of me to do. Updates will come on how the test went later this week!

Last week of school gave me opportunity to study late at the hangar and I could get some awesome views of a couple sunsets. I haven’t seen any good ones in quite some time and I thought to myself that it is so easy to forget the beauty of something you stop looking at. I got some shots of the sky here that I want to share.

Felt's field sunsetU-21 sunset



One thought on “More test prep, mishaps and Swedish soccer fans…

  1. Fantastiskt att läsa om dina vardagsbedrifter. Hoppas du får en fin tid med syster och föräldrar. //Med vänlig hälsning Bo Arvidsson


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