Simple things that family bring

Family visit!

I was very blessed for having my parents and my younger sister come to visit me here in Spokane for a couple weeks this summer. It was actually really nice to have them here even though I was very busy part of the time studying the Powerplant mechanics test. My family came with a very accommodating attitude. They came and took part of my life and even to serve me and planned their days according to my schedule. I was free to say that I had to get away to study and while I did so they decided to refresh my bedroom by repainting the floor and the walls. Having individuals in my family who understand color combinations and schemes well I could trust them in that they would do a great job. After they left and all the furniture came back to where it was supposed to be, the room looked so much better. It feels so much lighter and I even feel like I could study at my desk now that I might enjoy my room so much more.

Servanthood does not come easy, and it sometimes can be difficult to know how to serve others, sometimes even with family members. To travel to the far side of another continent to see a son and brother that they haven’t seen in a year, and then come to accommodate for him is actually a very beautiful thing. However, his time I was not the one to give, but I was more on the receiving end. I was reminded when thinking of my family’s visit of a good friend who many years ago taught me to receive gifts. We were walking down one of our city’s town squares when he offered to buy me a soda. I hesitated slightly because I thought a soda would taste good, but said no because it was the more polite thing to do. Noticing my fractured second of indecisiveness he told me that there is nothing wrong with accepting gifts and letting people give you things. You just need to trust that they actually want to give. It was difficult for me to receive such a simple gift, but sometimes it is necessary to learn to be grateful for something that is given and to accept it. One might take this and use it for their own advantage in a selfish way, but I think that therein some truth in that one should always be willing to receive a genuine gift. That way the one who serves of gives will be able to use their giftedness of servanthood or generosity.

We didn’t stay in Spokane to paint and study the entire time we were together though. We made a road trip past Palouse Falls, Multnomah¬†Falls and Silver Falls. Beautiful scenery, but when we were satisfied with all that pouring water we took off west to the coastline. This was a place which I had heard much about but never actually been to myself. It was fun to see new places, but also extra fun to do so with loved ones. It will be new experiences for all four of us that we can share for a very long time. In all I am very thankful for the time I got to spend with my family and for what they have done for me.

I am a blessed man who has such a beautiful family.


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