Flight training

Busy times again. After this summer break the very much anticipated flight training began. Finally, the dream of actually getting to learn how to fly has come true. The prayers that have been prayed for this are then also answered. It has been a long journey of three years of intense studying everything about aircrafts we are finally introduced to handling them for the purpose to which they wee created.

There is a lot that has been happening in training these past four weeks. All I can say is that flight training is very demanding, stressful at times, and exhausting. But it is also absolutely amazing. Generally I am so concentrated during my flights that I seldom have the time to enjoy the fact that I am thousands of feet up in the air, in an assembly of metal and plastic parts that somehow produces lift. How things look so much smaller from above, miles turns into inches, forests to grass and lakes to puddles. Only for a second or two between maneuvers I can peek outside to my left, down on the fields and landscape below and realize how fascinating this phenomenon of flight really is.

I’m guessing there will be several posts about flight training and my experiences as a student pilot the next couple months, so I will make this post rather short. I would just like to thank all of you who support me in different ways for your encouragement and help. Without it I would not have come this far. Even if you just read this blog now and then I am very grateful for the time you put into doing so. It is encouraging to see that others think this is important also and I hope that you feel that you are a part of this adventure too.


I can give you some short facts about what training looks like now. I work mainly with one flight instructor, Craig Masselink, who coaches me and is pushing me to become the best pilot I can be. We are currently training in Cessna 172R aircraft which is a small, single-propeller aircraft that is very good for training. By sometime in November I will test for my Private Pilot License and the work I put into training now will lead up to this goal for the semester.

Stay tuned for more stories coming up soon…


2 thoughts on “Flight training

  1. Vad roligt, häftigt och upplyftande (he he) att läsa om dina fram- och uppsteg (he he), Alfred! Fortsatt lycka till och all välsignelse, ser fram emot fortsättningen!
    Onkel Bo(-eing. He he)


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