Flying is fun… when you get to fly.

October is here and almost over already. With it came a lot of weather. As the Swedish saying goes “there is no bad weather, only bad clothes” I rarely complain about wind or precipitation. Living many years in Sweden you just got to get used to stepping outside with your rain gear on if you want to be outside on a regular basis.

When it comes to flying, and especially at this stage with my lack of experience, my relationship to weather has changed some. It is still fascinating and gives a good challenge for hiking and other outdoor excursions, but when you want to learn how to travel through the air it is quite different. To avoid dangerous and risky situations, some weather conditions are simply not worth flying into.

My last two flight weeks have been somewhat of major disappointment. I got to fly a long cross-country flight first thing on Monday three weeks ago, but when the rain and low clouds kicked in the following day and onwards there was no more flying that week. I still got to the hangar at about 5:30 am every morning in hope that the weather would clear up throughout the day, but it never did. After spending the entire week planning and re-planning routes and estimated courses adjusted to the prevailing winds that change from hour to hour I was simply spent, mentally worn out and frustrated by not getting much flying done.

We are approaching the end of the semester and as November is getting closer the weather tends to get worse and worse. It is easy to start worrying that maybe I will be grounded for so long that I might not finish the semester curriculum in time. That would then mean that I couldn’t continue next semester until I’ve fulfilled all prerequisites that at earliest will be offered this time next year.

Even though this is a discouraging thought, the circumstances concerning weather is really nothing I have power over. I can’t change the weather. I see that I am standing here with a choice. Either I can worry about it, creating more stress that I need to handle somehow. Or I can just accept it, choosing not to worry because I do not have power over it anyway. The outcome will be the same whether I worry or not since worry will not make the clouds, winds and rain disappear. Instead I can choose to trust that I know a God that loves me and takes care of me no matter what will happen.

It is a lesson and illustration for life itself. A lot of things that happen to us are outside our control. Since we often cannot do anything about it (depending from case to case), we are left with the choice to worry or not to worry. If you, like I, have entrusted your life and will in the hands of Jesus Christ, then you are left with the same choice. Since God then is more powerful than you and nothing that happens to you is outside His power or sight, indeed you are subject to his power. Since He is loving, gracious, and merciful we are left with the choice to worry or not to worry. He insures us that we do not need to be troubled, because He is more powerful than our circumstances.

Sorry for not posting much this month, but I thought I would share this and hope that it will be encouraging for you. God bless.


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