End of the semester is closing in

With only three flights left to complete the semester (provided I don’t fail any of them), there is a good possibility I will finish this semester before the deadline of December 9. I am off this entire week for thanksgiving, so starting next Monday I will have 2 weeks to get everything done. It should be enough time.

The nerve-wrecking part it that flights again are being delayed or cancelled due to weather conditions. It is again a game of planning, making everything ready just in case you can go, and then wait for a window appear to get up in the sky. Once you get up, you better perform because you do not know when there will be another opportunity.

Apart from flying, we have been doing other things besides flying in the aviation program. To operate as a bush pilot it is very useful to understand how the airplane works and being able to fix it if it for some reason would break down in the middle of nowhere. Remember that I did training for aircraft mechanics? Well, this semester we actually got to use our certificates to service the different Moody Aviation aircrafts that need inspection, servicing or repair.

As part of the curriculum I was also required to make some tools. The most exciting one was to make a slide hammer out of round stock steel. Here are some before and after pictures of how it turned out

With that said, I still cover your prayers for continued success in order to finish the semester. The plan is to be in Sweden for a couple weeks in December, so for those of you who are around at that time, I would love to see you.



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