Completion of commercial pilot ground school

Sorry for not updating the blog in a very long time. Unfortunately I have been very busy with classes and it has been very much work indeed. There has been a few very exciting things happening in training these last few months and I intend to give you some more insights to what that all looked like. But for now I just wanted to let you all know I am not gone and I have been pressed to update you all on how things are going.

Winter is closing in over Eastern Washington and the Pacific North West. We got some snow a couple weeks ago which was very exciting for all the skiers and snowboarders out there. Here in the city it is all melted, but there is a decent amount still on the hills around. I have however enjoyed a colorful fall season and I am very happy that I do not have any more required flights to get in this semester. This time of year a lot of overcast clouds hover over the area making it difficult to get opportunities for flying. I have compassion for the students one year after me as I recall how the frustration and stress builds as one needs to complete his/her private pilot’s license before the semester is up. It is sometimes really horrible to just sit and wait for better weather when you really need to get things done. I’m glad I am not in that seat this year again.

This year however, I can tell by my own growth as a pilot, my attitudes and my performances I have come much further in maturing in my airmanship than compared to a year ago. This semester has been filled with very good experiences in my own development and I’m pretty excited to only have one semester left at Moody Aviation.

These last few months have been stacked with ground classes as we have studied for the written commercial pilot’s exam. I took it this week and passed on the first try. They seem to teach us well here in the program because none of my classmates failed this pretty extensive test either. With this victory there is not very much left of the semester and we look forward to a nice Christmas break in a few weeks.

Please stay updated as there will be coming posts about night flying, extended cross country flights over the Grand Canyon and how you can help and pray for me in this journey to serve others with the use of airplanes.


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