About us

We are Alfred and Jewel, two individuals now bonded together through marriage. We both love adventure and Jesus. We discovered these things in our own unique ways, but the passion for these are strong for us both. Here is a little glimpse of who we are, what adventure means to us, how we discovered it and what it means to consider adventure.

My name is Alfred Ottosson, the creator of this blog. I have been writing updates now for a few years to give you, the reader, a picture of where I am at with pursuing being a pilot mechanic for serving isolated people. Since the summer of 2018, I married Jewel and she is now the newest addition to the team. Exciting stuff. We currently live in Spokane WA although I am originally from Sweden. I grew up in Nepal where my parents served as missionaries for six years. Having moved back and forth between two vastly different countries separated vastly in culture and distance I think I from a very young age became a wanderer. Thinking back over my life I have always sought to challenge myself, to push harder and not giving easily. I found my passion for the outdoors where I was challenged and were I in many ways learned who I was. It was in the situations where I was deep into the woods at night, taking shelter from the storm in a snow cave and where my body was aching and begging me to stop walking where I learned about who I was. I loved to be in such a place because it was there where Jesus, my Lord and savior, was present. I thought to myself that I would not wish for anything else than to be with Him more and since it was in the wilderness He was the closest to me, it was there I wanted to remain. The wilderness is where I am being challenged. It is there where adventure lies waiting. It became my prayer to live an adventure.

So I started thinking about this adventure. Somewhere I understood that it was more than exploring the uncharted nature of the earth. It was a different kind of quest I was about to set out on. I am still on that quest. It is a pursuit of God and He draws me out into other sorts of wildernesses. God keeps on inviting me into new challenges and phases of life and asks me to make this journey with Him. Therefore, I will for days to come consider adventure as my best option in life. It is the path where I will be as close to Him as I possibly can.

Coming soon: Jewel’s story


One thought on “About us

  1. Beautiful…I can relate in so many ways.
    Both Travis and I are grateful to have met you that day on the Crater Lake Rim…What a spectacular thing to share. I look forward to reading more about your wild adventures and incredible pursuits.

    With gratitude, Mimi


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